"Pongáio" was the name my Aunt Mona gave to a long, green, cool room where we gathered at her home —
replete with comfy chairs, a rocker, sewing machine, sewing goods, beautiful beads, shelves, books, bibelots, photographs, odds'n'ends, mementos of a life, treasures —
a gathering of all the useful & 'useless' things that so make life a pleasure.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Paper, Music, Magic

Lisa Hannigan: a new face for me. Loving her music and videos,
... and fun!
(for the title add: "... and Some Paint!")

I have to thank Content in a Cottage for sending me Lisa Hannigan's way, as well always being a sure source of many pleasures: delightful snippets — pictures, sayings, ideas... and Webster and Piggy.

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  1. Ka, Thanks for finding two more videos for me to watch and enjoy. I love Lisa Hannigan too. Your kind words about my blog are so appreciated.
    xo, Rosemary