"Pongáio" was the name my Aunt Mona gave to a long, green, cool room where we gathered at her home —
replete with comfy chairs, a rocker, sewing machine, sewing goods, beautiful beads, shelves, books, bibelots, photographs, odds'n'ends, mementos of a life, treasures —
a gathering of all the useful & 'useless' things that so make life a pleasure.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Right message at right time!
Although there is no certainty about what lies ahead, people live with the hope that all will go well for them. It is impossible to fulfill our life when we are utterly discouraged. But if we manage to keep our hopes in the future alive, we will be able to overcome all sorts of difficulties and go on living.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

A star-studded cosmic-heart valentine for all my dear ones!

The Rosette Nebula

Saturday, February 05, 2011


"A BIT OF WISDOM from A Course in Miracles tells us that no matter what our lives look like at any given moment, we can choose again. As our awareness shifts, we create ourselves anew, adjusting our resonant signature and consequently, experiencing life differently.
In Jerry Jampolsky's Love Is Letting Go Of Fear, he gives us the words we use to stay in old energy and sabotage our progress, and suggests that we both notice and curtail their constant use:
if only
ought to
any words that place you or anyone else in that category
any words that tend to measure or evaluate you or other people
any words that tend to judge or condemn you or someone else"
— Judith Gayle, Letting Go of Fear, Planet Waves Weekly, Nov. 14, 2008