"Pongáio" was the name my Aunt Mona gave to a long, green, cool room where we gathered at her home —
replete with comfy chairs, a rocker, sewing machine, sewing goods, beautiful beads, shelves, books, bibelots, photographs, odds'n'ends, mementos of a life, treasures —
a gathering of all the useful & 'useless' things that so make life a pleasure.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Sensing GC

"The Sun ingresses Cancer at 12:38 pm EDT Sunday (16:38 UTC). From now through then, Mars in late Gemini will be in opposition to the center of our Milky Way galaxy. (Mars opposite Galactic Core is exact Saturday.)
You can think of the Galactic Core (GC) as the ‘spiritual homing signal’ in astrology. It is vast, and it speaks of a deeper and wider perspective on existence; one Eric Francis described earlier this week as 'not normally available while staring at a row of buildings or gas pumps.' The energy of the GC can be difficult to pin down and identify, compared to something like Mars or the Moon.
If you’ve ever had that feeling like something you’ve encountered really means something profound but you’re not sure just what, or like you are part of something larger and more loving than you could ever articulate, that’s how I sometimes think of it.
There are a few ways you could interpret Mars opposite the GC on the solstice. One that feels particularly relevant is: try orienting your desires on what really matters this season. If you feel like you’re of two minds regarding what that is, try to step back and look at the big picture. As in, the really big picture: what feeds your soul in the simplest, most nourishing and nurturing ways — rather than what fills your social calendar, or what everyone else just has to do this summer."

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