"Pongáio" was the name my Aunt Mona gave to a long, green, cool room where we gathered at her home —
replete with comfy chairs, a rocker, sewing machine, sewing goods, beautiful beads, shelves, books, bibelots, photographs, odds'n'ends, mementos of a life, treasures —
a gathering of all the useful & 'useless' things that so make life a pleasure.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Online Again!

Four weeks after the move to the new apartment, fi-na-lly I'm back online... this also means the phone is connected!
We had to cancel the tranfer of our old number, as the company could/would not install the web/phone lines. Always different excuse.

In the end, we gave up, contacted a different company, that came and installed all the very next day after our call.
Enough enrolação, at least in this small area of life!

1 comment:

  1. Nada como ver a vida andar...
    andar pra frente...
    ai, como gosto disso!
    Como é bom te ver on line de novo..
    Vc faz falta, amiga!

    Adoro vc!