"Pongáio" was the name my Aunt Mona gave to a long, green, cool room where we gathered at her home —
replete with comfy chairs, a rocker, sewing machine, sewing goods, beautiful beads, shelves, books, bibelots, photographs, odds'n'ends, mementos of a life, treasures —
a gathering of all the useful & 'useless' things that so make life a pleasure.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Virgo Energy

Getting that good Virgo energy to continue organize my stuff.

Right now, it's back to my Agenda Project: a bit more of getting all my tels/addresses digitalized and into a printed booklet that I'll just tuck into my yearly agendas; as NO patience any more to keep writing the same numbers over and over. That is, if I ever get it done!
I have to get the latest infos, together with researching 2 or 3 recent yearlies, plus getting info from my previous o-o-old e-edition print-out, saved on some lost diskette (!... ancient!), and which is totally scribbled over. Sounds confusing... well, it does have a certain overwhem factor, so doing it by bits... bitty bits.

Another problem: as done on the comp, I will get distracted by all the cyber goodies...
Among this week's distractions:
• Visiting and catching up on my favorite blogs of my list...
  *  Including Alicia Paulson's blackberry clafoutis, as my mother has fond memories of her mother's, and although as yet I don't know which fruit Vovó (Granny in Portuguese) used, I do so want to get into clafoutis-making. Hubby brought back from Paris an all-clafoutis, salt & sweet, recipe book, but I liked Alicia's adapations, and Ina's pear clafoutis — I LOVE pears! — version better. Also, lovely photos!
• The excellent Mary Corbet's Needle N Thread, with her great video tutorials, that I certainly need as a new-again beginner...
• Lovely tissue paper pom poms took me to Holly to and her blog, Nothing but Bonfires... lots of posts to discover (big smile and clicking away at the mouse!)
• An absolutely scrumptious apple cake recipe and blog at The Pioneer Woman...
• And to explore further:
  * Creature Comforts
  * Little Cotton Rabbits
  * Hashai - AB Chao Always has Clean Counters
  * Orangette

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well, I knew a Mercury retrograde coming up, and already having some Stormy Cyber Weather. My comp misbehaving nicely, and the dang thing (merc retro) hasn't even started full gas as yet.

This time, backing up my precious files. Slowly, slowly. Maybe the why of the storm.
If you're inclined, check out more info of Len's: From Body to Mind
In it, he gives a nice review and insights of the Trickster doing the backtep.

So, slowly, slowly, Onwards Back-up!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Love this song...

This I had posted on FB on July 26th. Wanted to at that time, but didn't quite manage to post it here, my cyber-willingness having been spent.

This always raises up my heart for the new day.

--- Cláudio Nucci

Acorda ligeira e vem olhar que lindo
Sobre o morro sol se debruçar
Leite novo espuma dessa madrugada
Passarada vem te despertar

Tantos pés descalços
Posso ver meninos
A correr na direção do dia
Banho de açude alegre e lava o corpo
Fruta fresca é pra te alimentar

Acorda ligeira e vem ver que bonito
Pelo pasto solto a vacaria
Na barra da serra gavião campeiro
Vem primeiro vento costurar

Tantos pés descalços
Posso ver libertos
A correr na direção do dia
Chuva desce pra regar a terra
Engravidar sementes em frutas se tornar

Back, in August

Been a while now without blogging. I guess part of my cyber cycles. Buuut, aaalso...
(the eclipse post I had set up way beforehand to be posted on the right day! wink 2)

Besides a certain off-blogging feeling during the first semester, in May running against time to get everything ready for The Trip Across the Big Creek!
Yes, dearies... after I don't know how many years/decades, went to Europe with Hubby on a work/vacation trip. After a weekend of "work", TWO WHOLE weeks of REAL vacation... almost unbelievable!

This was in June, the actual trip. Before, as already very tired, felt like I burned up Tica and Teca (my two neurons) to get everything done, or at least set into motion: work, the carpenter, the upholsterer, ...

Getting back, I had a week of tummy upset. I think my liver had reached its max, although weight-wise I returned with a smidgeon less than when I went. This with wining and dining at the company parties, and then onwards having some delicious meals & wines throughout the rest of the trip.

Then, just when getting better from the tummy troubles, I forgot about my hurt left knee something-tendons, and danced away to goood 70's-80's dance music Saturday evening at our condominium's Festa Junina ... The next day I couldn't walk!
I hobbled to the sofa, bathroom, and back again during a week; another week a little better, but still stuck at home barely walking.

At the beginning of July, my son came home for a surprise weekend visit for his birthday, set up by my dear Hubby.

The next week, my out out-of-town client arrived for a week+some...

After, a week with several doctors' appointments, getting the yearly check-up routine started.

Then... On Sunday last weekend my Mom fell, broke her ankle and tore a ligament. From Sunday on, at the hospital with her, although, from prior experience, was able to hire a night nurse, so at least part of the night sleeping in my own bed. Had to get up at five, though, to get to the hospital in time to release the nurse. The surgery was on Tuesday late afternoon/early evening; home on Thursday afternoon.
Two whole months without setting her foot on the floor! So, wheelchair hired for her by my brother, and for the meanwhile, two nurses day and night. This weekend, I had a nap-a-thon, but batteries still running low.

Last night the weather changed: a cold wind shaking and rattling the doors and windows, and continues huffing and puffing now in the cold morning... and for some odd reason gave me a blogging urge!

I hope to organize and post pictures from the trip soon: lo-o-ots of windows, and doorways, flowers, good food, and other odds and ends.